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Are Blōho boards heavier than resin boards?

No ! Paulownia wood is extremely light, plus there is no glassing to weigh down the board. Blōho boards have a weight that is similar to a PU board.

Can I use my wax on Blōho boards?

Yes !  You can use your usual wax. You will have the pleasure of discovering a board without indentation when removing the wax :-)

Only varnish? So there is no resin?

Blōho boards are not glassed. The fiberglass of traditional planks is replaced by the natural fiber of the wood, and the glassing is replaced by the varnish. We still use epoxy resin for the fin boxes and for the leash plug (56% of plant origin).

Are the boards solid?

Yes !  Thanks to the thickness of the wood (greater than the resin thickness of a traditional board), Blōho boards will be resistant in terms of bending and breakage. You will have almost no dent on the deck. Like all surfboards, it remains a delicate object. Remember to rinse your board after a session and store it in a cover to avoid shocks.

What to do in the event of an impact on the board?

Cork and paulownia are two naturally hydrophobic materials, so in case of impact you won't need to cut your surfing session short. To repair a damaged area, on cork or wood, just use a little epoxy resin.

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