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High performance, resistant and different surfboards.

Handcrafted and eco-friendly conception

BLŌHO brings an eco-friendly alternative to traditional boards by offering durable and unique surfboards. Each board is custom made in Anglet (France), in an artisanal way.

Gold Level Ecoboard Project

BLŌHO boards have been awarded the "Ecoboard Gold level" label by The ecoboard project .


Unique surfboards

Each piece of wood is different. The color, grain and knots of the wood will give a special character to each board. You can choose the marquetry inlay : mahogany, walnut... As a final signature you can add a personalised engraving.

Handcrafted by a cabinetmaker

"My 10 years working as a cabinetmaker and my passion for surfing brought me to start BLŌHO Surfboards in March 2020, after 5 years in Australia. I learned about wooden surfboards manufacture on the Sunshine Coast (Australia) alongside Hugo from Hughies Board." Arthur

Blōho Surfboards on TV

France 3 Aquitaine TV report "The surf goes green" !

Arthur is one of three entrepreneurs to have been interviewed for this occasion. 

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